how to order

1. Browse our collections page.

Find the starting point for your custom rug — we offer an extensive variety of designs, shapes, colors, and fibers. You can also browse our catalog online or contact us for a printed copy.

2. Contact the showroom nearest you, or contact us directly.

All of our rugs are knotted to your specifications and ordered through one of our showrooms or directly. If you can visit one of our showrooms, you’ll be able to experience the quality of our rugs first-hand. We can also work with you via email and phone; if there’s no showroom convenient to you, do call us directly at 415-857-3021.

  • Boston: Lusso | 617. 990. 6891. | info@lussoweb.com
  • Chicago: AFW Studio | 917. 716. 8650. | amy@afwstudio.com
  • Cincinnati: Voltage | 513. 871. 5483. | info@voltagefurniture.com’
  • Denver: Studio 2B | 303. 298. 0900. | info@studio2bdenver.com
  • Detroit: Arkitektura | 248. 646. 0097. | sales@arksf.com
  • Los Angeles: Graye | 310. 385. 7872. | info@graye-la.com
  • New York: Lepere | 212. 488. 7000. | info@lepereinc.com
  • San Francisco: Arkitektura | 415. 565. 7200. | sales@arksf.com

delinear's poms show more than one hundred possible colors for your custom rug. Color matching is also available.

3. Create your rug.

  • Pick the design from our collection page.
  • Pick the colors from our pom sets or woven color blanket. Dye matching from fabric is also possible.
  • Pick the fibers. Choose from Himalayan wool, silk, bamboo, banana, nettle, hemp, cactus and mohair.
  • Determine the rug size. Any size or shape is possible, but standard sizes include 6′ x 9′, 8′ x 10′, 9′ x 12′ and 10′ x 14′.

Once you have created your rug we can create a custom rendering based on your specifications. We may not be able to render some complicated custom designs in advance. Renderings will be emailed to you in a PDF file.

Prior to ordering, a sample can be created in order check for color and pattern fidelity

4. Order a sample.

The showroom can order a custom 8″ x 10″ sample; it’s a miniature of your rug that you can use to check colors and their placement. Samples usually take about 3-4 weeks to manufacture. The $100 sampling fee will be credited back with your order.

5. Approve the sample and place your order.

All orders have a standard quoted lead time of 12-14 weeks. Rugs larger than 9′ x 12′ may take 14-16 weeks.

frequently asked questions

Do you have rugs in stock?

We do stock a small selection of rugs in standard sizes. Please email or call regarding current stock.

Why is the manufacturing process so lengthy?

Each rug is entirely hand-made. Once your order is placed, wool is dyed, carded, and spun according to the rug’s specifications. A computer-generated graph is created and used as a pattern guide as the rug is knotted by hand on a large loom. A standard 8′ x 10′ rug has approximately 1,152,000 hand knots! Once completed, the rug is trimmed, washed and dried. Then it’s rolled and wrapped for air shipment to California.

How will the rug be shipped?

All orders are shipped via air cargo to our San Francisco warehouse. The order quote includes all freight and customs fees needed for delivery to our warehouse. Ground delivery to your home will be quoted and added to your final invoice after approval.

What is the price of a Delinear rug?

Prices vary according to knot counts and fiber content, but a general net price range is $70- $85 per sq. ft. for 100-knot wool.